A Guide to Moving Objects – Newton’s Laws and Other Fun Facts

Sir Isaac Newton was a 17th Century Physicist and Mathematician who has been known as one of the most notable scientists in history. The British born Newton is best known for his work in the discovery of the properties of motion and gravity. The work of Newton was groundbreaking during this era, and his discoveries have been the basis of the work of future scientists.

The work of Newton has been placed into the three laws of motion. Each of the laws address a different aspect of motion, force and gravity. These laws have been the basis of students education throughout history. Discovering how gravity reacts on objects, examples of how force makes objects move and other experiments that students have tried are all reinforcing the teaching of Sir Isaac Newton.

The experiments and activities that show the actions and reactions of motion, force and gravity can be fun and educational. The following are several web pages which looks at the life of Sir Isaac Newton, his laws of motion and other resources which can help young people better understand these principles by experimentation. We hope you and your young scientists enjoy learning about this key individual, and his teachings.

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