7 Things To Do Before You Move

Most moving companies say they strive to make your move “less stressful” or “worry-free.” At My Guys, that’s a given! We want to make your move a pleasant, memorable experience! This is a life event, so let’s make the most of it. To do this, we’ve put together a list of things to do BEFORE your move so that the Big Day goes super smooth. Check out these tips and share with anyone who is facing this exciting transition in the months to come.


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7 Things To Do Before You Move Into A New Home

Moving is an arduous task - something most of us figured out around the time of our first move. But there are ways to make the experience pleasant. Most importantly, there are a handful of tasks you can knock out BEFORE you move into your new home that can significantly improve the overall process. Here are SEVEN TIPS directly from moving guys to help make the transition seamless.

1. Don’t Buy Boxes

Start tracking down boxes by checking FREECYCLE and CRAIGSLIST 30-60 days prior to your move. Explore back alleys near large apartment complexes on Sunday afternoons to increase your chances of finding cardboard moving boxes in good condition. Most moves take place on Saturdays so people leave their used boxes outside for recycling once they start unpacking. Also, you can ask your moving company if they have used boxes. Some movers have “Used Box” programs to help offset costs for customers.

2. Hire Cleaners

Get your new place spic & span before the furniture goes in. A professional cleaning service can save you the time and hassle and give your new home the deep cleaning it deserves. Once you’re settled and unpacked, it can be tough to dust and vacuum behind larger pieces of furniture.

3. Paint

Select paint colors and paint the walls a few days before you officially move. Whether you hire painters or turn this into a DIY task, make sure you allow plenty of time for the walls to dry. Allow an extra day or two of wiggle room so you don’t have sticky walls on moving day. Painting goes significantly faster when all you have to do is throw down a drop cloth to protect the floors.

4. Install Safety Appliances

Before you and your loved ones move into your new location, check that everything is up to code. If necessary, install new appliances. Also, make sure you change the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors, home security devices, and smoke alarms to ensure that everyone is safe and sound. (my photo)

5. Get to Know the Neighborhood

Explore the area around your new home so you know how to get to the nearest supermarket, big box store, and favorite restaurant. Finding these locations on moving day will only add to your stress and you'll probably want to make a run to the local hardware store for miscellaneous home improvement items.

6. Cancel Any and All Current Utilities

Call your cable, gas, and electric companies about 30 days prior to moving to notify them of the date to end service. Be sure NOT to disconnect the electricity at your origin until the day AFTER the move. This is also a good time to cancel any gym memberships (this can take weeks to process!) and use up any local deals you have from Groupon, Living Social, Yelp, or ScoutMob.

7. Pack a Suitcase

On moving day, you likely won’t have the energy to do much unpacking. Pack a suitcase ahead of time with essentials so you have everything you need for a day or two on either end of your move.