Joshua DeVaughn

President of Sales

Josh’s family was rumored to have moved Christopher Columbus to America. He was born with moving in his blood. He booked a move for the doctor that delivered him 6 minutes after being born. His first word was not mom or dad but “Move”. Before pursuing a career in moving, Josh’s goal was to make the NBA, but his lack dribbling, shooting, and jumping ability quickly changed his career path.

Josh has been in the moving industry for 21 years. Josh started out as a mover and worked his way up to VP over those 21 years. He loves moving so much he once tried to change his last name to move. His mother wouldn’t allow his last name to be move, so they compromised on DeVaughn, which is French for mover.

Josh holds a few records in the moving industry. He has a record for most pads folded in one day. Most shrink wrap used on one piece. His most recent record is for most pillows carried in one move.

Josh’s life is based on 3 things, God, family, and moving. Josh’s requested words on his tombstone are “I like to move it, move it.”

Joshua DeVaughn
My Guys Moving & Storage
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