MY GUYS has a New Guy!

Ownership of a highly recognized moving company changed hands today as Brett Burks completed the acquisition of the Corporation’s assets and the Franchisor’s trademarks including trade names, logos, service marks, and franchise agreements. When asked what attracted him to My Guys Moving, he said, “In addition to the people, the brand has a proven track record backed by a successful franchise system. This opportunity gives folks the ability to grow their own business and take part in the multi-billion dollar Household Goods Moving & Storage Industry.”
Brett Burks
Born and raised in Herndon, Virginia, the Company’s location was appealing to Burks along with fact that he was familiar with moving. Between semesters at Virginia Tech, he worked part-time as a mover before graduating and going on to a career in financial services with Primerica, eventually rising to the position of Regional Vice President. “We’re going to make moving fun,” he smiled, “Think Disney meets moving… it’s going to be a wonderful ride!”