Customer/Company Responsibilities

Customer Responsibilities:

  • Your presence is required for packing, loading, and delivery. If you’re unable to be present, you can be represented by a neighbor, family member, or other dedicated adult, however, they are required to sign legal documentation on your behalf.
  • Reserve access for movers and trucks at all locations, such as elevators, loading docks, and parking areas. Customer is responsible for acquiring parking permits if necessary. Advise My Guys of elevator and loading dock reservation times. If distance from parking area or elevator to door is significant, please advise My Guys ahead of time.
  • My Guys will perform your move rain, snow, or shine if roads are open. Customer is responsible for ensuring that walkways and truck parking area are clear of snow and ice.
  • Label customer-packed boxes if you would like items placed in specific areas. Unlabeled boxes will be placed in a central area. Consider using our color-coding tips from the ‘Time Savers’ page.
  • Be aware that items which are not properly packed/protected will not be covered under the standard or additional valuation coverage. (Example: mirrors/artwork not in mirror cartons, TVs not in TV boxes or crates, glass tabletops not in crates, items in trash/grocery bags, etc.)
  • If you want My Guys to move your appliances, they will need to be disconnected/uninstalled before the movers arrive. My Guys cannot disconnect or reconnect appliances.
  • Remove mirrors, wall art, and window treatments (if moving) from your walls and windows. Mirrors and wall art can be set on the floor below where they were hung or can be moved to a central location to save time. Window treatments should be boxed if possible.
  • Remove gas and oil from all gas-powered tools and equipment.
  • You are responsible to accommodate the timing of required payments for Cash On Delivery (COD) moves, including pre-collection of weekend interstate and intrastate moves.
  • Be aware that any items of extraordinary value (items worth greater than $100/pound) must be declared as high-value inventory items before the move, and additional coverage must be purchased for these items to be claimable in the event that damage occurs.

Company Responsibilities:

Standard Services – included in all moves:
  • Home protection - floor runners in entryway, pad wrap stair rails (if necessary), cardboard walls in difficult-to-maneuver areas.
  • Pad and wrap furniture.
  • Disassemble and reassemble standard furniture.
  • Additional charges may apply for complex or bulky items, such as gym equipment or new-in-box items.
  • My Guys provides free basic valuation coverage of $0.60 per pound, up to $50 per article/item.
  • Additional valuation coverage may be purchased directly from My Guys Moving. Please reach out to your salesperson for additional information and pricing.
Specialty Services – additional charges may apply:
  • Disassemble and reassemble complex or bulky items, such as gym equipment or new-in-box furniture.
  • Grandfather Clocks – My Guys will wrap, pad, and box clock. Customer must remove weights and pendulums before clock can be moved.
  • Pianos – My Guys will wrap and pad piano before move. Customer is responsible for having piano tuned after move.
  • Pool Tables – My Guys will physically move pool tables. Slated pool tables must be disassembled and crated in advance of the move by a third party.