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Planning Your Office Move

office move plan

When Office Movers, a Kane Company, went out of business in 2016, a vacuum for corporate relocation service providers was created in the District of Columbia metro area. With decades of office moving experience, MG Office Movers rose to help business managers by offering them a dependable, cost-effective solution with additional resources, such as this business relocation checklist.

Office Move Plan Checklist:

General Information to Save Time & Money
When choosing an office moving company, price is often one of the determining factors, but before making a rash decision, evaluate your options based on the following points, and look beyond the written proposal.

  • Is the moving firm reliable? What is the reputation and best rating of each bidder? In addition to social media, check testimonials of former customers and suppliers.
  • Will some of the work be subcontracted? If so, to whom?
  • Are all the bidders accustomed to handling moves similar in size and scope?
  • Do the proposals show exactly what is covered?
  • Which outfit has the best valuation coverage? Are there extra charges?
  • Will the office moving company commit to a firm-fixed fee?

After choosing a commercial mover, sign the agreement as soon as possible, so their professional moving consultants can help you in planning a corporate relocation.

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Check Building Rules, Regulations & Access

  • Are there restrictions on access? Are there specific times during the day, or certain days of the week that moving is not allowed? Check your old building as well as your new building for restrictions.
  • Are elevators and loading areas available for the time of your move? Check both origin and destination.
  • Do you have solid commitments from your contractors that your new office space will be completed at least 24-hours before your scheduled move-in? Check the destination premises in advance to avoid delay or cancellation charges.
  • Do you have emergency contacts for the fire department, security, and elevator maintenance companies?

Setting the Move Date

Coordinate with these parties to select your move date:

  • Contractors - Carpet installers, painters, paperhangers, plumbers, etc. Unless building management handles all of this, your move date has to coincide with the completion of your new offices.
  • Phone & IT - To minimize disruption and keep your business running smoothly, your telecommunications and IT networks have to be installed, at least partially, before your furniture and computers arrive.
  • Design Firm - They provide furniture design & layout, including filing locations. If you don't have a design firm, you will need to prepare the placement document.
  • Moving Company - MG Office Movers can help your organization make the transition into your new office space safely and efficiently.
  • Systems Furniture Installers - Our office movers specialize in de-installation and reinstallation of modular furniture systems, which must be closely coordinated with the move.

More Information for Your Office Move:

Prepare Your Employees
Your employees can make the move a pleasant experience or they can make it a nightmare for you and your customers or clients. Employees, who have been given plenty of notice to prepare for the relocation, tend to embrace the transition more gracefully.

Each employee should know: the date of move, the new address and phone number, parking facilities, and public transportation options. It's also helpful to provide a map of the new building, showing locations of copy center, mail rooms, lunch rooms, supply areas, etc.

In order to make the move smoother, assign one individual from each department to coordinate preparations for moving that section. Assign a person to handle the distribution of keys or security cards to authorized personnel.

Utility Companies
Unless water, gas and electricity are covered under your new lease, be sure to tell them the date on which you want the service switched. If janitorial, trash removal, and alarm/security systems are handled by the building, you don't have to worry about them. But if your business contracts with a security company, they will need advance notice to secure your new location.

Computers & Office Equipment
Many business machines need to be prepared by authorized vendors before being moved, such as:

  • Network Servers & Computers
  • Large Screen Monitors
  • Teleconferencing Equipment
  • Printers / Copiers / Faxes
  • Mail Machines
  • Lab Equipment

You may have other machinery that requires servicing before a move. You can ask your vendor or your mover whether servicing is needed. Professional office moving companies will know whether or not it's necessary based on the last time they moved a machine like yours.

Building Management
If the necessary keys are not supplied by building management, you may need to contact a locksmith.

Remember to contact your insurance company and provide updated information.

Post Office
Inform the United States Postal Service of your change of address about 1 week prior to the actual move. For papers and magazine subscriptions, provide 4-6 weeks' notice if possible.

Contact suppliers who ship to you on a regular basis, and give them ample notice of your change of address. You could be held responsible for additional shipping charges if items are returned undeliverable.

Clients & Customers
Mention your New Address in email signatures and customer correspondence. Update your company website and social media profiles to give your clients and customers advance notice of when and where you are moving.

Remember Your Collateral
Update and reprint business cards, forms, letterhead, statements with new address and phone number. And above all, enjoy your new office location.

Final Note

MG Office Movers specialize in moving businesses throughout the Mid-Atlantic, specifically the Washington DC Metro region: Baltimore, Maryland Corridor, Northern Virginia, and Southern Virginia. Our professionally trained office movers can tackle everything from small, interoffice shuffles to medium-sized, and large facility relocations. Each job has its own challenges, but there's one basic requirement for all successful office moves, that is careful pre-move planning.

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