Manny Moussignac

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Manny Moussignac

Relocation Consultant

Manny “The Mover” Moussignac is one of the leading relocation specialists at My Guys Moving & Storage in the South Florida area.

During the five years prior to joining the company, he saw the good, the bad, and the ugly in the moving industry, so he truly appreciates how My Guys prioritizes the customer experience above all, which sets the moving company apart from his former workplaces.

Manny was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in Coral Springs, Florida. He currently resides in Broward County with his wife. Manny’s hobbies include sports and grilling. His favorite teams are the Miami Dolphins and Miami Heat. Just like any true Miami Dolphins Phan, Manny is relentless in supporting his clients through the relocation process. Let Manny “The Mover” help make your transition into a new home or business a smooth one.

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Manny Moussignac
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