Terry Williams

Moving Consultant

Terry has worked in residential moving for 10+ years and is the most experienced sales guy on staff. He has facilitated over 15,000 moves and absolutely loves helping people in what is statistically shown to be the second-most stressful time of their lives. And that’s what really drives him… helping people!

He can handle all moves – residential, commercial, local or long distance – and he’s confident that he can accurately estimate your move within 10% of the cost of the items you show him that need to be moved.

After being born in Alexandria, Virginia, he moved to Southern California for his first 10 years. Then he returned to Northern VA where he has stayed, even though he’s really a Cali boy at heart and a diehard Raiders fan.

In 7th grade, he became close friends with the future owner of My Guys Moving, and is part of the 10-man Herndon brotherhood (and sisterhood) within the company, who all attended middle school together.

Terry also owns three Airbnb rentals and a wedding venue, and in his spare time, he and his family run them both, mainly to follow his passion of bringing people together to spread love.

Also, a proud father of four and a lover of dogs, he ultimately just wants to make sure that he has a positive impact on the lives of anyone he crosses paths with.

If you ever need help moving, have your guys call My Guys! Or you can call Terry directly at 571-288-3840, and he will be more than happy to assist you.

Terry Williams
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