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Helpful Hints When Moving

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How To Get Ready For Your Move

Once you have scheduled your move, please review all move documents for correct dates, addresses, and contact phone numbers.

Ensure parking is available at origin and destination. Obtain permits, if required, by town jurisdiction or condominium and apartment complex regulations.

IMPORTANT: If applicable, reserve the elevator and dock at origin and destination. Please advise your Move Coordinator if there are time restrictions at either origin or destination.

Determine if your condominium or building requires a certificate of insurance from My Guys Moving & Storage.

Arrange for safe transport of prescription medicines, valuable papers, jewelry, cash, currency, coin or stamp collections in your personal vehicle. We do not move such items.

Please be sure to leave electricity on at origin until the day after the move.

Disconnect all appliances, computer and electronic equipment prior to the arrival of the movers. If items are to be moved from an attic or crawlspace, please do this before the move begins.

If certain items are not moving, please point these out to the driver at time of introduction.

If you are doing your own packing, please be sure all cartons are fully packed and taped shut prior to the mover’s arrival.

Conduct a walk-through at origin to be sure everything that is supposed to be moved is on the truck. Remember to check all closets, attic and garage areas.

Also, conduct a walk-through at destination to ensure all furniture and boxes are in the correct rooms.

Arrange for your pets to be with a friend, pet sitter or groomer on the day of your move.

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