My Guys Moving aids Storm Victims

A statewide relief drive to assist victims of superstorm Sandy was coordinated by Champion Homes Realty, who reached out to ‘My Guys Moving’ to collect and transport donations to Brooklyn, New York. Relief items included blankets, coats, jackets, gloves, bottled water, canned goods, flashlights, batteries, and personal care products. Damage by the hurricane is currently estimated at $50 billion, which was compounded by a nor’easter that followed Sandy and is said to have caused more than 200,000 power outages in the same areas hit by the superstorm. David Tindall, owner of My Guys Moving & Storage in Richmond, said, “We’ve been a mover in Richmond for a lot of years. We’re just trying to help the folks out up there. I’m from the New York area, so it’s kind of home to me, and I wanted to help those people out.” Tindall also said that they have plenty of boxes for donations. My Guys Moving has since expanded and changed its name from another familiar household name. For more info, visit