6 Ways Renting a Storage Unit Can Help During a Move

6 Ways Renting a Storage Unit Can Help During a Move

Moving from one home to the next is challenging, if not downright exhausting. On top of the demands of actually getting your belongings from A to B, there can be other complications like delayed closing dates or new builds that get pushed way off schedule. In moving moments like these, renting a storage unit seems like an obvious solution. Even though My Guys Moving & Storage offers storage, sometimes self-storage is the best approach when frequent access is required.

There are benefits to having an extra space to store stuff during a move, like being able to break down moving into more manageable increments. Here are six ways that renting a storage unit will make your life so much better during a move.

different types of storage units
  1. You’ll probably sell your home faster if you get rid of the clutter.
    Selling your current home is one of the first steps many people take when prepping for a move. How do you do that quickly? You stage your home to sell! Having a storage unit to stash all the excess kids’ toys and clutter will help ready your home for a quick sale. While you ‘re at it, don’t forget to declutter the closet, basement, and garage. The entire home will feel larger when these spaces aren’t busting at the seams, which in turn will add value.

  2. You can take your time by moving your belongings in stages.
    Even if you don’t have a delayed closing date, you might want to move in stages so you don’t have to hire movers. Take advantage of the time you’re still in your current home by moving seasonal items like snow blowers into storage closer to where your new home is going to be. That’s one less thing you have to think about on moving day.

  3. Storage units will keep belongings safe for temporary moves overseas.
    If you’re being deployed or going on an extended holiday, storage units can keep your belongings safe, so you don’t need to continue to pay rent on an apartment, for instance. If you own your home, you can stash all your belongings in storage and use your space as an Airbnb or vacation rental while you’re away.

  4. Ship items to a storage location when you’re moving to another state.
    Most storage locations will accept shipments to your unit. If you are planning a move to another state, it might make sense to rent a spot near your new home and ship items to the storage facility before you have access to your place.

  5. Renting a storage unit gives you more space to arrange your new home.
    Renting a storage unit near your new home is an ideal way to lighten the load inside the home on day one. If you move in stages and put all the non-necessities into storage first, then when you move, you’ll be able to see more clearly what you do and don’t want to add back into your new space. Sometimes it’s hard to know what will fit into a space until you’re living there.

  6. The right storage facility will make moving stress-free.
    The best way to make renting storage for your move a positive experience is by picking a reputable storage company. Some features to look for in a storage facility include:
    • Secured gate access
    • Camera monitoring
    • Well-lit spaces
    • Highly rated customer service

Sometimes driving just a bit further is worth it if it means you’ll be able to store your belongings in a better facility. Once the company is picked, the next step is determining what kind of unit you’ll need. Check out Life Storage’s flowchart on the different types of storage units to help you get started!

Do you think renting a storage unit would help you during a move? If not for anything else, it will give you an opportunity to process excess belongings in advance, which will make moving day much less stressful. Good luck and happy moving!