DC History in Color

In the process of moving, families often uncover forgotten treasures. Sometimes, it’s a family heirloom, sometimes it’s an antique, and sometimes it’s old photographs. One of the most rewarding services we provide as DC movers is helping people preserve their memories, so we wanted to uncover a piece of DC history and share it all with you. The following are colorized photos from the Library of Congress examining life in the DC region over the last century.

1) November 8, 1938: Members of the District League of Women’s Voters pass out information about DC voting rights at a mock polling place downtown.

library-of-congress-women-voting-rights district-league-women-voters-dc-polling-place-rights-colorized Original photo: Harris & Ewing via the Library of Congress

2) August 28, 1963: Young men wearing NAACP caps gather in front of Union Station for the March on Washington.

library-of-congress-NAACP-protest NAACP-black-protest-march-on-washington-colorized Original photo: Marion S. Trikosko via the Library of Congress

3) April 1912: Boys as young as 11 stand on Pennsylvania Avenue selling newspapers and gum.

library-of-congress-newspaper-boys newspaper-boys-dc-sell-gum-colorized Original photo: Lewis Wickes Hine via the Library of Congress

4) Summer 1920: 11 women and a little girl in their bathing suits line up for a beauty contest.

library-of-congress-bathing-suit-contest women-bathing-suits-beauty-contest-colorized Original photo via the Library of Congress

5) 1921: Washington Senators player Joe Judge slides across home plate as the catcher lies on the ground with ball in hand.

library-of-congress-baseball-game washington-senators-joe-judge-baseball-colorized Original photo via the Library of Congress

6) April 23, 1929: The Bishop of Washington dedicates a memorial stone to the Washington National Cathedral.

library-of-congress-national-cathedral-dedication bishop-memorial-stone-washington-national-cathedral-colorized Original photo: Harris & Ewing via the Library of Congress