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Tips for moving with pets or moving with your dog

Top 5 Ways to Prepare for Moving With Pets

Relocating from one home to another can be a difficult transition for movers with pets. Whatever your animal’s temperament, moving with pets can be simplified with the right preparation. The following five tips can get you better prepared for an upcoming move with your animal companion.  1. Update Pet Identification TagsJust as you would never… Read More

Seniors Real Estate Specialist Peter Crouch

5 Specialists for Your Senior Move Team

When it is time to consider Senior Living, the process can be daunting. The good news is, there is a process. It takes teamwork, but the Team Members are right here to help. The National Association of Realtors has a Certification course for Realtors who specialize in working with older folks. Only 2% of Realtors... Read More

How to Make Friends in a New City

At My Guys Moving, we can help you through every step of your move from packing to storage to transportation. But once you’re there, we can only do so much to get you acquainted with your new neighborhood. That’s why we made this infographic—to help you get settled into your new city after we leave…. Read More

7 Things To Do Before You Move

Most moving companies say they strive to make your move “less stressful” or “worry-free.” At My Guys, that’s a given! We want to make your move a pleasant, memorable experience! This is a life event, so let’s make the most of it. To do this, we’ve put together a list of things to do BEFORE… Read More

Celebrity Moving Tracker by My Guys Moving

We created the Celebrity Move Tracker to share our interest in the real estate of the rich and famous. We’ll be periodically updating the tracker to include information on recent moves so it can be a resource for celebrity watchers everywhere. At My Guys Moving & Storage, we help people move in and out of… Read More

dc baseball

DC History in Color

In the process of moving, families often uncover forgotten treasures. Sometimes, it’s a family heirloom, sometimes it’s an antique, and sometimes it’s old photographs. One of the most rewarding services we provide as DC movers is helping people preserve their memories, so we wanted to uncover a piece of DC history and share it all… Read More

The Top 5 Moving Hacks

Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, it’s important to pay attention to details and get things done efficiently. But remembering everything can often be difficult in the rush, excitement, and stress of the moving process. While having a plan is key, knowing these shortcuts and hacks can make your life a… Read More

Top 10 Money Saving Tips for Moving

Moving… it’s one of those things in life that many people dread. In fact, unless you know professional movers that genuinely like moving/helping their customers and getting to know them, you will be very hard pressed to find anyone who puts moving on the top of their lists as best ways to spend time. In... Read More

MY GUYS office movers

Moving or Relocating Your Business?

These days, the economy is really limiting growth of business in some industries. However, there are plenty of industries that are still growing strong! Many of these businesses are rapidly growing and expanding. With this growth comes hiring new employees and, the inevitable: having an office space that is far too small for the amount... Read More