Picking the Right time to Move – A Definitive List

Moving is a big life decision. You must think it over carefully before packing your bags and booking a moving company. To make it easier, and less stressful, choosing the right time for you to move can be crucial to the process… winter can be too cold, summer can be way too hot. So, to help you make the decision on what time is right for you, we’ve compiled a list to help make your decision on when to move – local or long distance – based on costs and a variety of other factors that can come into play.

Moving Based on Cost

  • Peak Season – In the moving industry, peak season is from May-September. In order to keep your moving costs as low as possible, this could be the priciest time to move. However, these months are usually the most convenient and comfortable based on weather.
  • Weekends – Since most people are busy with work and other important things during weekdays, and people can’t always afford to take time off, many book their moves during Saturday and Sunday. This results in moving and storage companies being packed during weekends and trying to fit your move in will probably cost you more money as a result.
  • Beginning and End of the Month – One of the worst times to move is during the first or last day(s) of the month. Many moves occur at the beginning or end of the month because that’s when most leases are up.
Moving Based on the Weather Conditions Depending on where you live, Summer is usually the busiest time for moving. But it doesn’t mean that you should book your move in the middle of winter during a snow storm. If the movers have to battle bad weather, it will be inconvenient for you and them as well as increasing the cost and time it takes to complete moving.
My Guys Moving in the snow
Henriquez on tractor, Dee driving Truck #26, photo by Cisco
Miscellaneous Bad times for Moving
  • Spur of the Moment – Never move if it’s just something you decided on a whim. It is always important to plan well ahead when preparing to move. Don’t base this life decision based on a sudden urge or a passing fad. Besides, you will be much more comfortable having a job lined up and everything situated before you move to a new town!
  • In the Middle of the School Year – If you have children, it would be better for you to schedule the move at the end of their academic school year so that they can finish the year where they started and have time to say bye to friends while preparing for life and schooling in a new area.
  • During Holidays – You may thing that scheduling your move on a holiday is a great and convenient idea, but you must also consider that during the holidays, traffic can be terrible AND  movers are usually fully-booked during holidays as well – causing an increase in moving prices.
These are just a few of the tips available when deciding on the right time to move. As always, plan well in advance and based on these points, try to pick a time that would be the most convenient for you as well as a time that would save you the most money. there is a fine balance, it can be tough to find, but it will be a much better move in the long run!