How to Make Friends in a New City

At My Guys Moving, we can help you through every step of your move from packing to storage to transportation. But once you’re there, we can only do so much to get you acquainted with your new neighborhood. That’s why we made this infographic—to help you get settled into your new city after we leave. Check out these tips for how to meet people and make friends in a unfamiliar place. how-to-make-friends-in-a-new-city

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Infographic text: Once the stress of moving is over and you begin to settle into your new home, you may begin to realize how unfamiliar your new neighborhood really is. It can seem tough to meet people in a new city, but, with the right combination of technology, confidence, and perseverance, you can create a group of friends and acquaintances using these tips. Reach out to old friends. Even in a completely unfamiliar city, there’s a chance you have a friend from high school, college, or a previous job living within the area. With Facebook, it’s never been easier to find them, so there’s no harm in reaching out to catch up. Find people who share similar interests. Whether it’s running, knitting, writing, or birdwatching, there are other people in your city who share your hobby. Check out local stores, civic centers, or anywhere fellow enthusiasts would congregate. If you’re single, download dating apps. These apps are great because they cater to people who are looking to meet other people. Apps like Tinder, OkayCupid, How About We, and Plenty of Fish offer up a lot of faces, so you can be discerning with who you decide to meet. Research your city online. Sites like Yelp and FourSquare give you a look at what locals have to say about your city. has thousands of groups for likeminded people to meet, socialize, and share ideas. Most cities also have a dedicated subreddit where users post events, share hidden gems, and give advice. Make an effort to get to know people you meet. In your daily life, there are so many missed opportunities for friendship. Introduce yourself to your neighbors. Have extended conversations with coworkers. Even talk to a stranger every once in a while. Expand your notion of what your friends look like. It’s natural to look for friends who resemble your old friends, but you can only tell so much from superficial traits like style and age. You can find something in common with anyone, and remember that opposites attract! Become a Regular. When you’re out and about by yourself, make a point to hit up the same spots at a similar time each week. You’ll see the same barista, waiter, bartender, and bus driver and they’re likely to be friendlier and more open with you once you become a familiar face. Give it time. No matter how much you put yourself out there, building relationships take time. It’s okay if you spend a few nights by yourself. Those are the times you should open a book and relax in your new home.